Monday, November 28, 2022

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The details of the conversation with the participation of BDK members are absolutely unacceptable և condemnable ․ Statement of NGOs A number of civil society organizations have issued a statement regarding the recording published recently, in which the conversation between BDK leader Gagik Jhangiryan and former BDK chairman Ruben Vardazaryan is presented. On June 20, 2022, during a press conference convened by the ousted President Ruben Vardazaryan’s lawyer, the Supreme Judicial Council released the recording of a conversation between Ruben Vardazaryan, Gagik Jhangiryan, acting chairman of the BJC, and Stepan Mikayelyan, a member of the BJC. The published conversation contains information on the possible motives of the criminal cases initiated against Ruben Vardazaryan, on the apparent facts of interfering in the implementation of criminal justice and criminal proceedings, which raises serious concerns about the independence, impartiality, efficiency of criminal justice and judiciary. in the context of ensuring the independence and authority of judges. The mission of the Supreme Judicial Council, the guarantor of the independence of the courts, requires that the Supreme Judicial Council and its members reflect the impartiality, independence and efficiency of the judiciary, enjoy the trust of the system and the public, and act as a symbol of justice. The members of the Supreme Judicial Council must be credible and exemplary for the whole society in their public image, activities and words. Meanwhile, the published recording once again proves that the problems of the judicial system start from the body whose goal and mission is the solution of those problems, a body that in the person of its presidents is more associated with public reproach and shame. The details of the conversation with the members of the Supreme Judicial Council are absolutely unacceptable and condemnable. In such circumstances, the further activity of the Council is impossible with the membership of the persons participating in the published conversation. It is in the interests of the judiciary and their immediate resignation. The subsequent tenure of these individuals is likely to further deepen public distrust of the Supreme Judicial Council and the judiciary. At the same time, we once again state that such revelations in the judicial-legal system are the result of the failure of the Armenian authorities to vetting or transitional justice. Representatives of civil society and the legal community have repeatedly raised the need for vetting and lustration in the judiciary, which the current authorities did not have the political will to do. In order to ensure the normal functioning of the Supreme Judicial Council and increase public confidence in the judiciary, to develop sound perceptions, we demand the immediate resignation of all members of the Supreme Judicial Council who participated in the published conversation. Objective, full and effective investigation of the unclassified criminal cases against Vardazaryan. Ensuring proper legislative regulations, to carry out a general vetting in the judicial system, starting with the current staff of the Supreme Judicial Council. Protection of Rights Without Borders NGO Helsinki Citizens ‘Assembly Vanadzor Office Open Society Foundations – Armenia Human Rights և Protection Fund Transparency International Anti-Corruption Center Journalists’ Arena Club Association of Informed Citizens

The details of the conversation with the participation of BDK members are absolutely unacceptable և condemnable ...

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